Thursday, September 27, 2012

House meets basement

Is it love at first sight? Not really. My first, spontaneous, thought was Ough?

Today is the first day the house and basement finally met. The basement is both deeper and wider than the house. But symmetry is not all in life. There is more. The basement, without the front, makes the house look HUGE. Well, I have not seen many houses so practically every house is the biggest I've ever seen IRL. A basic issue is the grey base that goes with the house, it is glued on (my father did a very good job) and wont budge. And it's a bit to late in the evening to venture into battle with hammers. The operation will have to wait. But then the house will drop maybe 2-3 cm and it will be better fit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When you are feeling down...

After a few days at home with migraine, I am back to my mini-work. Tomorrow I will return to my other work, where there is lots and lots to catch up on. Stupid migraine. I thought it was something to do with my eyes, so I went to the eye doctor. An excursion that took five hours. But, now I know that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. Or my blood pressure. Just a stupid migraine.

Yesterday, when I was feeling miserable, Jane Harrops book on how to make create edwardian furnishings arrived in my mail. A blessed beauty of a book with nice instructions and great inspiration. I really want her kit to make a revolving bookcase as seen on her website. I remember seeing one in Lizzie Bellamys bedroom in the original Upstairs, Downstairs (my favourite show btw)series. The colour on the cover of Harrop's book also match the colour on the intro for Upstairs, Downstairs.

Now all the floors are done! Hopefully this weekend I can put some vax on them. I usually vax on my balcony, since it gives of an unpleasant smell. Nice weather during daylight is really hard to come by these days.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Work has begun on the house. Three floors done, three more to go. I was having coffee in my number three cup, so I thought it fitting to include it in this post. I have been thinking a lot about how this house will look. I had an idea during the summer but that has changed now. I knew I wanted a house set in the early 1900's but still Victorian. Now I am feeling inspired by Edwardian styles and arts and crafts. I think what I am looking for is a home that is a mix of all, some new and some old.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Damaged goods?

My boyfriend is a great fan of Dr Who, and this is in my opinion also a way of time travel. Since when looking at this picture it seems that nothing has changed since I started renovations in June! I got rid of the panels in the morning room, those that I painted and painted over and over. And the floors, they came out faster from the house than they came in... A lot of work out the drain, but I want to be more than content with my house. I want it to be perfect.

Let's see how that goes...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

When things go wrong

I unpacked my house today and examined the damage. Well, the paint in the morning room is a perfect example of me being a lousy painter. It will have to be altered. And the wallpaper in the green room is too bright, and is falling of the walls. Poor quality of it all. I will need to go back to planning again, since this will not do.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Small and big news

It's been a while. But since my last post I moved to a new flat and started a new job. And yesterday I was at my parents and picked up my yellow house so that it can be with me in my new flat where there is plenty of room! It will take a few more days of arranging things in the "big" world until I can start work in my "small" world again. Looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fixing here and fixing a little there

I slowly started to work on the roof today, well selecting a piece of wood. I found this in my fathers garage, a sign he had used when he sold his old car. It says "For Sale" in swedish, but rest assured, my house is not for sale!

Feeling rather daring, I painted the clock. The result is not perfect, but maybe they contracted a bad uninspired painter to decorate the case? I made sure to write "Mats Margit 1842" on it, it's time they got married. Then I can fast forward a few years so they can have some children. But I have decided to have this part of my cottage set in the 1840's.

And the windows are finally in place, properly fitted with logs to cover up the cardboard.